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Pop Up Birthday Card & Pop Up St. Patrick's Day Card!

Hi! This is Kali!

We wanted to remind you of a really cute card project Melody made last year! You can use it for a Birthday, St. Patrick's Day, or just to bring a smile to someone's face!

Watch and chat here -


This project is here on with the rest of Melody's files! The file is under the Type: Pop Up and the Themes: Birthday and St. Patrick's Day. Supporters on can access Melody's projects.

If you every plan to make more than one Magical Day card, I would cut them out at the same time because it uses a lot of mats because of all the pretty colors.

(All the images are free except for the shamrock. The font I used for both projects, Lemonade, is included in Access. If you'd like to use your own, just detach it and select your font. So if it's charging you, you can change it to your own personal font.)


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