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Pop Up Halloween Tree Card

Fall is officially 2 days away! I'll be live tomorrow at 12pm ET to show you how to put this together! This one is perfect for Halloween and I also have one for Christmas that we'll be putting together in our Monthly Crop next Tuesday.

These cards are really fun and easy to make for all levels of crafters! Feel free to cut it out and make it along with me. Don't forget to invite a crafty friend!

The tiny hanging spider didn't cut out on paper very well. I just used a black marker to color it black on the tree. You could try vinyl but coloring it worked well.

The black lines and bats on the pumpkins on the front are drawn. They take a while to draw so you can just cut them out instead if you'd like. I have an extra one hidden in the layers panel near the bottom.

Watch and chat here -


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Cricut -

Cardstock -

Glue -

Pens -

Cricut Reverse Tweezers make it a lot easier

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