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Pop Up Houses Cards!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Thank you to Louise Beauregard! She designed this for me and she did an awesome job! I am in love with how this card turned out! Louise is so talented! This card is with tropical trees/theme and I designed another card with regular trees and squirrels. The houses are print then cut. You can always unflattened them and change the colors, add or take anything away. Or change everything to cut and cut everything out if you don't have a printer. I'll be live tonight at 8pm ET showing you how to create these cards! Here's the video link - PROJECT FILE: You can find these files on on the Supporter Projects tab by using the password found by supporters at this link - These projects are under the Type: Pop Up and Themes: New and Thinking of You. (reminder not to share password)

SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Glue -

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