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Rocker Cards with Cricut

Happy Thursday! For tonight's Thursday night live, I'll be cutting out the teacher rocker card live on my Explore 3 and putting it all together. Once put together, the cards rock back and forth. These rocker cards are awesome and are very easy to make. Keep your eye out for more because I'm sure I'll design some more.

You can use these files on any of the machines except the Joy.

Video starts at 8:00pm ET! Watch here -


The floral one is print then cut. The black pieces of the teacher card will be cut out with iron on and I will fill in the rest. For the black of all the other cards, I would suggest to do iron on, vinyl, or change to draw. You can use paper, but some of the pieces are not touching. I am also cutting out the oval on Bristol paper and am going to color it in a little to add color.

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Cricut -

Cardstock -

Smart Iron On (regular is good too) -

Easy Press Mini -

Art Glitter Glue -

Bristol Paper -

Markers -

Foam -

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