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Rubik's Cube Infinity/Never Ending Card with Cricut

Any Never Ending/Infinity Card fans out there? Or is this your first time seeing one? Let me know in the comments!

This an awesome card that's actually entertaining lol! We'll be showing you how to make the card during tomorrow's 12pm EDT video!

Set your reminders! Here's the link to watch ->

The Rubik's card was inspired by Lois Stock! I used my Infinity card base and designed the Rubik's Cube after seeing her card in my group, Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane. All the images are free except the emoji. It's an Access image, but you can delete it and make it anything you like. It's really easy to personalize for the person you're giving it too.

I left the yellow square in the center blank so I could sign it.


You can find a blank Rubix's Cube card and a Rubix's Happy Birthday card here on under the Supporter Projects tab. Find them under the type: Infinity Cards. Themes: New, Birthday, All Occasions.

- Patreons of $2 or more can get the secret password here ->

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