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Sad there's no live today? Watch this Instead!

Don't be too sad about no class today. I have a whole playlist of videos for you to watch! I'm sure there's a class or two that you've missed over the last year. Use today to catch up :)

Here's a link to the playlist -

Feel free to send to a friend to inspire them too!

Are you an Infusible Ink fan?

I LOVE making Infusible Ink projects and I know a lot of you do too! I linked a playlist to all the Infusible Ink projects we made last year! I've heard from some of you that you're a bit intimidated to start an Infusible Ink project. I totally understand that! But don't worry, I have plenty of step by step videos for you to watch so you know exactly how to do it correctly. I hope you find the videos inspiring and helpful!

Watch the playlist here -

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