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Set of Cricut Mugs - Both Sides

I'm going to be making a set of four 15oz mugs using my Mug Press during tonight's video. These mugs will be the mugs at my new Crafting AirBnB I'll be hosting here in The Villages. These are inspiration designs that will brighten people's days for sure.

I have matching coasters with the same designs on my website already. I'll make some round ones so you'll have round and square coaster options. Btw, these images are already in Cricut Access, but I put them in a file on my site so it's easier.

Video starts at 8pm ET!

Watch and chat here -

Here's a photo of the coasters:


There are two files, one for 12oz mugs and one for 15oz mugs. The files can be found here on on the Supporter Projects tab under the Type: Mugs. Don't forget you'll need the current password to access the projects: password shared with supporters here -


Infusible Ink -

Cricut Heat Resistant Tape

Here's the Infusible Ink package I'll be using:

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