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Thank You Cards with Cricut!

Here's some thank you cards for you! I'll be live at 12pm ET to show you how to put these cards together. These are new card designs! I've never made card overlays!

Nothing is glued to the front of the card overlays. It's all glued to the back and inside the card so it has more texture.

Watch and chat here -


The two in the photo together are in the same file. The file is called, Card Overlays Thank You and the bottom one is Fold & Circle Circle. As always, the files are on on the Supporter Projects tab. The Type is: Misc. and the Themes are New and Thank You. These files and over 1,000 others are available to my supporters on

These sentiments are all free! They are in the Fold and Tuck Card file so you can make them for any of these occasions. You can always copy and paste them into any card file. The Fold and Tuck card has 2 cards. One is just for the decorative edge instead of the whole front.


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