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The Joy of Christmas - Plaque Cards

Another Saturday in July means, another Christmas project done on the Joy! As you might know, MayMay of MayMay Made it and I are doing a video every Saturday to create Christmas projects with our Cricut Joys. I hope you enjoyed last weeks and are looking forward to seeing today's.

Here's a link to watch the video -

This week's project is Plaque cards! These are very easy and great for beginners. They're easy to customize and cute to put around the house or to send to someone.

- If you're not subscribed to MayMay yet, here's a link to her channel -

- Here's a link to the playlist -


The project file can be found in the description of the video for everyone to use!


Cricut Joy -

Pens - Pens

Arteza Everblend Markers -

Art Glitter Glue -

Cardstock -

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