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Two Video Tuesday! Dino Valentine's Card & Slide and Lock Butterfly Card! [videos]

I've got two videos for you today! One at 12pm, and one at 12:30pm. The first video at 12pm will be Alex putting together a fun Dinosaur Valentine's Card! I'll be doing the second video and showing how to make this beautiful Slide and Lock butterfly card.

Some of you may recognize it from our Monthly Crop! See all of that amazing detail and pretty flowers? My Cricut pens DREW those! I get questions about what to use pens for and if they're worth it...YES, they are worth it 100%. I use Cricut pens in just about every project I make. If you haven't gotten yourself some pens yet, I recommend it. There's a link below.

VIDEO LINKS: You'lll be able to watch and chat while these videos are live and also be able to watch the replay once the video is over. 12:00 - 12:30 - PROJECT FILE: My supporter community can find these files here on my site, on the Supporter Projects tab. You'll be prompted to put in the current password which can be found at this link - Both Cards are under the Theme, New! Dino card is under the Theme Valentine's Type is Classic Fold. Butterfly is under the Theme Butterflies and Thinking of you and the Type: Gatefold. SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Pens - Glue -

12:00pm ET

12:30pm ET

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