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TWO VIDEOS! Illusion Card with Cricut

Hey crafty people! I have two videos for you tonight!

The first one will start at 8pm. I'll be showing how to put together this illusion card I created that's in the picture above.

This card has an optical illusion triangle and the Happy 29th Birthday is for someone in their 30' the inside says, "This Birthday is just full of Illusions." I also made a layer for ages 39 and 49 and those are hidden in layers panel. This would be great for someone who doesn't want to get older.

The second video starts at 8:30pm. I'll be showing a game that was created by me and the live chatters during Tuesday's video. When we noticed that the Patchwork Pieces flip, we thought it would be a fun game. I'll be showing explaining the game and testing it out tonight. I will share written instructions with supporters tomorrow. I can't wait to play this game with people!


8:00pm EDT - An Illusion Card with Cricut -

8:30pm EDT - Flippin' Math Game Made with Cricut -


Corrugated cardstock

Art Glitter Glue -


As always, these two files can be found here on under the Supporter Projects tab. Don't forget you'll need the current password:

You can search illusions to find the file for the card and for just the triangles.

You can also find the Flippin' Math Game file on the site! Just search, Math.