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Use Cricut's Offset Feature to Create Awesome Mugs

Happy Saturday, everyone! Let's start the day off well with some Cricut! The offset feature can do a lot of cool stuff with images and fonts and can make some really cool mug designs (like the one in the screenshot above.) During today's video I'll be showing you how to design your own! I'll be answering any of your questions along the way. Invite and friend and let's get to designing!

Video starts at 11am ET Watch and chat here - If you'd like to use this file, I shared it with my supporters and uploaded it to my site,

May Viewer Mail

It's time for our first Saturday of the month Viewer Mail video! I really appreciate when you guys send me goodies in the mail! Once a month I go live and open everything up to show your guys' awesome creations! The video starts at 12:15pm ET!

Watch and chat here -

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