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Watercoloring with Cricut Infusible Ink on Mugs

Alex watercolored this with Infusible Ink! Cool, right? He'll be showing you how during tonight's video at 8pm ET. We'll be doing lots of mugs tonight! Using pens, transfer sheets, and a combination of both. We'll be using some Mug designs that are on my site. See you tonight at 8pm! Watch and chat here - PROJECT FILES: As I said above, we'll be using Mug designs that are on my site, You can find them on the Supporter Projects tab under the Type: Mugs. Just a reminder you'll be prompted to put in the current password which can be found here - SUPPLIES: Cricut - Mug Press - Infusible Ink pins/markers & sheets - Water Brushes - Copy Paper - Glue - Check out my other Mug Press videos -

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