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What is Virtual Crop?

Virtual Crop Rules!

It's our first ever Virtual Crop! I wanted to share some rules for the crop so everyone is set to have a great time creating and chatting. Also, the crop will not be recorded. The only way to watch the crop is to join in tonight's video at 8pm EDT video via zoom! Here's the link to register if you haven't yet - Not sure what a Crafting Crop is? Watch today's video and I'll explain everything about it! Watch here -


  1. Please do not interrupt! We want to hear what everyone has to say, so if someone is talking, please stay quiet until they are finished. 

  2. Raise your hand in Zoom when needing to talk. Unless there are times where one can speak at a time.

  3. Feel free to chat in the chat section to everyone or privately to specific people. 

  4. Feel free to ask questions in the chat. 

  5. Please have you camera on. You can have your camera on your face, or your crafting area. 

  6. Keep yourself muted unless you are talking. There's going to be a lot of people in the crop and even the noise of crafting can be loud in the mic. 

  7. No selling: Do not try to sell anything, do not talk about products you sell, do not talk about other virtual crops. 

  8. Have fun! We only have a short time together. 

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